SaleHoo Drop Shippers – Manage Your Clothes and Accessories Inventory With SaleHoo Drop Shippers

Perhaps the biggest problem faced by business retailers who sell clothes and accessories is inventory management. Clothes and fashion accessories are seasonal and subject to the dictates of fashion. The hottest clothing apparel and fashion accessories could quickly and easily go out of style. This is the challenge faced by business people in the fashion industry.There is good news for entrepreneurs and business owners selling clothes and accessories online. With Ecommerce and the internet, an innovative way of inventory management is now possible. It is called drop shipping. With drop shipping, clothing retailers do not have to purchase their products in advance before they can start selling. Retailers post the clothing and fashion accessories on their selling site and they only have to pay for an item once a buyer has ordered and paid for it. Once the wholesale drop shipper receives payment for the item from the retailer, they ship it directly to the buyer.When you obtain the clothes and accessories you sell from wholesale drop shippers, you do not have to worry about stocks going out of style before you can sell them. The wholesale drop shipper handles the stocks– you only have to focus on selling them and paying for the items you have actually sold.Many people mistakenly believe that drop shipped items are more expensive. This is not so. In fact, they are often cheaper than clothes sold at regular retail stores. This is because of an economic principle called economy of scale. Wholesalers purchase their stocks of clothing and fashion accessories in bulk. They can get substantial volume discounts. As a retailer who gets clothing items from a drop shipper, you are actually helping the wholesale drop shipper sell their products. There could be hundreds of you getting stocks from the same wholesaler at low prices. The drop shipper (and you) save on shipping costs because the items do not have to be shipped to you. They go directly to the buyer.Wholesale drop shippers found on SaleHoo are preferred by many online business owners. They know that the suppliers found on SaleHoo are legitimate, reliable and can provide quality products at the best possible prices. That is why more and more online businesses rely on SaleHoo’s wholesale directory to find wholesale drop shippers who can provide profitable trendy clothes and fashion accessories.